ASB MAGAZINE: M/SF/T brings to you ~ the second instalment of SPR 21 ‘SUN STARERS’ incl. a Series of self-shot stills by ‘Friends of M/SF/T’ + Drop #1 of the DOPE MACHINE boardshort. Like many (in Aus anyway…) M/SF/T ~have been hamstrung on living life as normal, including producing shoots + campaigns. So the team at M/SF/T  called on some “Friends of M/SF/T” to showcase their collection with nothing more than a highly technical disposable camera and this simple brief; “Take photos in your home, your zone, in a way that you see life, take us on a journey into the way you live.”


“Friends of M/SF/T” displays the raw and natural everyday living of people, with no sets, no smoke and mirrors.



DOPE MACHINE ~ available from 15th September


The cult-like followed surfboard model, now has its own boardshort, as just like the board, it’s focus is fun times and fast graphics.

This boardshort is the most technical trunk they’ve ever developed + it’s sustainably produced. This boardshort is made from recycled plastic bottles and up-cycled coconuts. Less waste, more fun.


The release includes a clip by Mitch Coleborn providing  the visuals for this new releases.



Mens – Mitch ColebornGeorge Henderson, Jake Vincent, Jake McKweon, Chris Hill, Seb Raubenheimer, Tito lavole, Dane Lansbury, Oscar Morrall

Womens – Camille Savage, Brydie Watson, Georgia Prince, Isabella Sill, Kahli McCredie, Keely Greinke, Monica Kubiak , Sophie Brennan, Su Graf, Susanna Oinonen, Yvette Laferla

Photography: Above list (Spring) + Jimmy Kinnaird (Dope Machine), Hamish Humphreys (Dope Machine)

Art Direction: Dan Watkins