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Editorial Platform

“Australian Surf Business (ASB) Magazine objectively reports on all aspects of the surf industry and is committed to editorial excellence by providing its readers with the only one-stop forum for the entire industry.”

About the Magazine

Few could have predicted the rapid transformation our ‘cottage’ industry has undergone since ASB launched in August 2004. As the market continues to evolve, Australian Surf Business is at the cutting edge, providing insightful, factual accounts of the changing surf industry landscape. ASB’s focus is on the information needs of surf retailers by reporting on new products, emerging trends, acquisitions, supplier relationships and services – all geared to helping retailers identify the products and means to increase turnover, margins and profits. Australian Surf Business has delivered industry first sales and market research products such as the ASB Media Meter© and ActionWatch Oz Pty Ltd providing our industry with a deeper understanding, backed by reliable data and methodology. ASB is committed to editorial excellence, drawing on a talent pool of some of the country’s finest writers.

About the Name

There are so many acronyms in this business it gets confusing.  ASB stands for Australian Surf Business Magazine and our premium print edition is distributed six times a year to every surf shop in Australia, to industry professionals and to select stores and subscribers in New Zealand and Indonesia. ASB’s targeted surf retail demographic, free press model and store-based distribution separates it from other surf magazine alternatives.

The Aim of this Site

The aim is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for everything happening right now through whilst providing expanded coverage and thought provoking insights in ASB Magazine. In this sense is truly a multi-media convergence rather than an extension of the magazine. It’s rare a website launches with over a million archived words but that’s precisely what we’ve done on Basically everything that’s happened in our industry can be searched on this site. In addition, live news posts are backed by expert industry commentary, as well as the latest job listings, events and current market research. We’ll always go ‘beyond the press release’.

Story ideas

This is a business news web site, so stories will always reflect a business angle. All submissions are welcome. 

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