For the past 16 years, Australian Surf Business Pty Ltd has operated on a decentralised work from home basis. The operation of our website and most aspects of the business are unaffected by the current COVID19 restrictions.  However, to deliver our services we rely on third party providers including designers, printers, mail-house delivery and Australia Post services.


Our printing and delivery services have been disrupted through COVID19 restrictions and we’ve made the unprecedented decision to move to a digital issue until such time as business returns to normal and we can guarantee the uninterrupted supply and delivery of our print issue. All online subscriptions are processed ‘live’ within a few hours of receipts and confirmation is sent to you at the time you subscribe. Please consider this when making your purchase., If in doubt we suggest purchasing our digital only Professional Edition subscription by clicking BUSINESS CLASS. No refunds will be given for purchases of our print edition via our (Premium Print) or our print and digital level subscriptions (Captain Of Industry). The print component of these subscription levels will be substituted with our DIGITAL EDITION until further notice.


Please take advantage of our EOFY -30% saving’s offer by using our promo code ASBEOFY30


We thank you for your continued interest in our business. Please maintain social distancing both in the water and out of it, be kind to everyone around you. Show empathy for your fellow surfers, work mates and colleagues. Together we will pull thru this.


Thanks for your support

Keith Curtain