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ASB MAGAZINE: Rip Curl released the following statement today after reports emerged the company was to close its Torquay HQ due to a staff remember returning a positive Covid 19 result. However , Rip Curl is pleased to report that the staff member identified as testing positive to Covid 19 in its Torquay office on Tuesday July 7 is feeling well, shows no symptoms of Covid 19 and has been cleared by the Dept of Health and Services to return to normal life.


Likewise the six staff who came into direct contact with the positive staffer on Tuesday June 30 have all tested negative to the two COVID tests mandated by the Department of Health and Services and no symptoms have been experienced. They will resume work from home duties today.


Retail stores and warehouses continue to operate as normal including the Torquay store, Torquay Outlet, Warehouses, Watch and Wetsuit Service Centres.