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ASB MAGAZINE: It’s no secret we love a beer here and Beloved Brew is what happens when mates share a love of tins. The crew at M/SF/T love a simple beer as much as Philter does, so the two brands got together and made a pale with 100% Australian hops. Nothing complicated, just a straight up Aussie classic.

Philter’s Managing Director Mick Neil says ‘We are stoked to collaborate on this beer with our good mates at Misfit, the boys love our beers and have been wanting to create something honest and uniquely Australian with us. The result is a beer that is classic but also modern’

Chris Chong of Misfit says ‘we’ve always wanted to work on a beer, we love beers, we love Philter beers, so the partnership was an obvious one. The other side of this was that we wanted to create a nostalgic and iconic “Australian” piece of art. So our art director “Rad Dan” Watkins buried himself in 80’s Australiana and the result is a tapped Aussie map; symbolic of a “brew for the nation”. A proudly Australian beer, created by two proudly Australian brands.‘

Available for a very limited time in venues and outlets from October 10, Beloved Brew is a sunny and sessionable pale ale with a refreshing all Aussie hop profile, subtle aroma and a crisp, clean finish. It’s for when you want a no-nonsense summer smasher.

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Hops: Aus Cascade, Topaz, Ella, Victoria’s Secret
ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 30


Philter Brewing
Born and bred in Marrickville after a backyard conversation between mates, Philter has gone from strength to strength since launching in January 2017. Founders Mick and Stef, along with Head Brewer Samara Füss, set out to create craft beer without the bullshit, delivering easy-drinking classics. The brand sets itself apart with a look that nods to the aesthetic of iconic 1980’s Australiana – bringing a little Expo ’88 to the traditional local craft offering.

Misfit Shapes represents an authentic response to an era of change, a ‘surf’ stemmed movement that allows art, design and individuality to co-exist within a realm more commonly dominated by conformity and observation. We are not bound by a single leader or manifesto, but rather a bold commitment to pushing the limits of this well-oiled machinery of surf. The result is a rare collective of mildly deranged but high-powered misfits, potentially dangerous cultural agitators, and just about every other kind of “MAD MIND”