ASB MAGAZINE: Global tech wellness brand, Therabody, announced professional surfer John John Florence as their newest ambassador.

Despite a significant knee injury, John John Florence has made a significant comeback by recently making waves at the sport’s Olympic debut. John showed his dedication to the sport at the young age of eight, paddling out to surf the most famous wave in the world, Pipeline, Hawaii. Florence now holds two world titles under his belt and has gone on to make a prolific name for himself in the sport.

Having gone through a number of injuries over the last couple of years, key Florence’s success is a focus on recovery and injury prevention. To aid in this process JohnJohn uses a host of Therabody devices including its latest medical-grade compression garments, RecoveryAir, and its handheld percussive muscular therapy devices, Theragun, to help with inflammation, blood flow and overall recovery.

Florence is the latest athlete to join an elite group of sports people and teams as part of the Therabody family. Notable ambassadors include Cristiano Ronaldo and Australia’s AFL and NRL leagues, as well as Maria Sharapova and Paul George.

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