ASB MAGAZINE:¬†Mitch Coleborn is a surfer’s surfer. His credibility amongst the surfing fraternity’s core has been defined by his game-changing appearances in surf films like Modern Collective, Cluster, BS! and Stranger Than Fiction. His power & aggression, yet poise embodies surfing’s definition from other board sports.

“We’ve always loved Mitch. Every surfer of the past 20 years has. His powerhouse and almost irreverent approach to wave whacking, and long-standing relationship with M/SF/T family made for a perfect marriage. His extensive knowledge and understanding of board design also excites us greatly. We are humbled and thrilled to be working with Mitch, and the future of his widely respected career” ~ Chris Chong

Mitch joins the family across both Apparel and Surfboards.


Edit – Kai Neville
Photography – Kane Grosvenor