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Protection, Comfort, Clarity

Best-in-class protection from the elements in the pursuit of life on the water, the Electric x John John Signature Series features premium, melanin-infused polarized lenses for superior color contrast, crisp vision and healthier eyes. Working hand-in-hand with brand partner, John John Florence, Electric proudly introduces his first signature series sunglasses.  In addition, Electric’s best-selling Knoxville S and Knoxville XLS have been given an upgrade with customized JJF design and signature color detailing and feature Electric’s exclusive melanin-infused lenses.













Designed in California. Made in Italy.

Premium Polarized Lenses

From his search for waves to his days spent sailing, foiling, paddling and everything in-between, John lives his life to the fullest on the water. The polarized lenses featured in his signature line block 99.9% of amplified light reflection from the water’s surface and block HEV blue light for superior color contrast, crisp vision and healthier eyes, all while providing 100% UV protection.