ASB MAGAZINE: Drawing from their award winning H4 fin project, @fcs_surf worked with team rider Mick Fanning to apply the state-of-the-art template and foil profiles to a new twin fin that strikes the perfect balance between speed, hold and release. Stepping off the WSL Championship Tour and with a desire to explore new equipment, Mick dove headfirst into this project playing an integral role in the creation of the ‘H4 Twin’, a twin set that looks and performs like no other.


“These H4 Twins will keep it loose off the tail, and once you move your weight forward, they’ll produce plenty of drive, and if you want to do long arching turns, or drive up into the lip, you’re going to get that hold as well.

“At the last part of the turn where a regular twin fin will skip out or release too quickly, the H4 Twin will hold and control the slide” said the three time World Champion, Mick Fanning.


The MF Twin set can be used with twin specific models as well as grovellers & hybrid designs with the stabilizer as an extra option, achieving an entirely new feel from the same board.


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