ASB MAGAZINE:  With COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions at their peak, the THRILLS team was forced to rethink their design process, shifting completely online and working remotely to produce their favourite collection to-date.  Amidst ongoing restrictions, the team has proudly unveiled their latest collection which boasts a proud line-up of  high-quality clothing and accessories featuring forward silhouettes inspired by local vintage.

Reinforcing their long-term sustainability ambitions, the brand’s latest collection features a plethora of premium fabrics such as Recycled Nylon, Hemp and Organic Cotton to reduce their footprint on the planet.

THRILLS Men’s Designer, Steve Fontes explained designing remotely was a first in the company’s history and inspired the team to unite with local businesses.

“The pandemic has had an undeniable impact on many, and with restrictions changing everyday, it’s compelled the team to think outside the box and adapt with the help of consistent team communication,” he said.

“Rather than letting it affect the way we work, we saw it as an opportunity to lean into the unknown and create one of our favourite collections to-date completely online which is a first in THRILLS history,”

“Instead of drawing on inspiration from our regular design travels, we were able to look to our local vintage stores and collaborate with our extended family on pieces we would have never created before”.

As an ode to 90s nostalgia, THRILLS Women’s Designer Serena Francis explained the range not only supports their sustainability mission by including premium fabrics such as Hemp and Organic Cotton but is also their most unique yet visually.

“‘Hypnotica’ is our riskiest and most unexpected collection yet; showcasing a number of brand new and forward silhouettes and exploring edgy colours consistent with the grunge of the 90s,” she said.

“Sustainability isn’t just a hollow tagline for us and is proudly reinforced through our ever-growing line-up of planet-friendly fabrications such as Hemp, Organic Cotton and Recycled Nylon which reduces energy, consumption, and waste to landfill while contributing to the reversal of global warming and the impact on climate change.”

THRILLS’ new collection ‘Hypnotica’ launches online and in-stores this week.




Originally founded in 2011 as a vintage motorcycle import and customisation business in Byron Bay, Australia, THRILLS has since evolved into a culture-defining fashion label fuelled by a passion for music, art, and a sustainable future. With Brooke and Tabitha McGregor at the wheel as the company founders and men’s and women’s designers respectively, THRILLS offers carefully curated, high-quality garments and vintage-inspired pieces. Our aesthetic is one that’s timeless, progressive and shaped by authenticity.