ASB MAGAZINE: Byron Bay based THRILLS have creatively adapted to COVID-19 restrictions, unveiling their latest and most successful campaign to date, ‘At Home’.  After COVID-19 put a halt on photoshoots, the brand gave complete creative control to 14 friends who captured the collection at home in isolation.

Rather than seeing the restrictions as limiting, Nat Collins, THRILLS Marketing Manager, explained the team saw it as an opportunity to inspire deeper connection amidst uncertainty.

“We can all admit it’s been a strange year and, with business changing every day, it’s compelled the team to think outside the box and focus on what’s important,” said Collins.

“With human connection as our anchor, we wanted to introduce some of the talented personalities that make up the extended THRILLS family and give a first-hand look inside their homes and creative spaces.”

“No brief, no direction, uncut, and uncensored; ‘At Home’ features a beautiful mix of musicians, artists, photographers and designers wearing their favourite pieces from the new range.”

THRILLS Co-Owner and Designer, Tabitha McGregor revealed the collection has been their most successful to date and is a testament to the incredible support from their die-hard fans.

“‘At Home’ is now our best-performing collection in THRILLS history and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers who have shown us love during these strange times,” said McGregor.

“It’s a collection we’re proud of as it’s also furthering our commitment to sustainable fashion by including a number of  friendly fabrications such as Hemp, Organic Cotton and Linen.”

“Although switching to these fabrics comes at an extra cost, it’s an investment we’re willing to make due to the massive environmental and human advantages, and we’re overjoyed that our customers have seen the value in that too.”

THRILLS new ‘At Home’ collection is now available for purchase online at


Originally founded in 2011 as a vintage motorcycle import and customisation business in Byron Bay, Australia, THRILLS has since evolved into a culture-defining fashion label fuelled by a passion for music, art, and a sustainable future. With Brooke and Tabitha McGregor at the wheel as the company founders and men’s and women’s designers respectively, THRILLS offers carefully curated, high-quality garments and vintage-inspired pieces. Our aesthetic is one that’s timeless, progressive and shaped by authenticity.