ASB MAGAZINE: As with previous years, Patagonia is not going on sale this Black Friday nor Cyber Monday next week.   Instead the company is releasing a number of stories and clips, which stress that everything we make has an impact on the planet and is asking their community to really reconsider what they need to buy – a thread they’ve extended to Patagonia physical stores and website during this time.

Not one to hold back, Patagonia are placing strategic ads  in the papers (The Age and SMH) and around the streets of Sydney and Melbourne. Patagonia ruffled the feathers of Sydney radio and commentator Alan Jones in September last year, in a similar action, with the campaign directed towards climate change.

“We’re in business to save our home planet; we want to use business as a tool to tackle problems and find solutions. There are many initiatives we’d rather be drawing attention to – the drawing down of carbon, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, addressing microfibre pollution.. – instead of encouraging rampant consumption.” – Dane O’Shanassy, Director Patagonia Australia & New Zealand.

As part of Patagonia’s  Worn Wear program the company wil continue to encourage customers to keep their Patagonia gear in play as long as possible and direct their community to take garments into our Worn Wear® Repair Hub at the Patagonia Sydney store, or they can also drop it off to any other Patagonia store or mail it in for assessment and free repair.


  • Check out just what Patagonia mean by ‘Demand More’ here.