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ASB MAGAZINE: Modom Surf (Modom) and DHD Surf (DHD)  have announced the formation of a partnership to develop and produce surf hardware. Both DHD and Modom identified strengths in each others businesses and believe the combination of the two will lead to exciting opportunities within the surf hardware category.


DHD CEO, Tony Emerton said, “DHD welcomes the fresh thinking of the talented Modom team. The addition of surf accessories is a logical step for DHD, our growth has allowed us to invest in the partnership and we are excited at opportunities that the category presents”.


Modom CEO, Jack Perry said, “Sharing resources in a competitive industry makes sense , both comp any’ s have great people that are well placed to assist both brands . We have been in informal talks f or the last two years and the discussion only became serious in the last six weeks. It was great to formalize the partnership in such a short period of time.”


Jack went on to say “The opportunity to work with one of the best shapers in the world , along with the DHD team riders is incredibly exciting . Having that kind of expertise and experience is invaluable as we look to expand on new innovative products and categories”.


“We have already produced a leash for DHD and will look to expand into other categories down the track,” added Jack Perry.

Commenting on Modom’s recent expansion into the soft board category Jack Perry said that it will be great to have Darren (Handley) as a sounding board and work to produce the best performance soft boards in market.

Commenting on athlete endorsements and existing rider relationships Jack Perry said “We will be respecting the relationships that all DHD athletes have with other brands.”

“This a global partnership and DHD has a great distribution network,” observed Jack Perry.


Modom will continue to design and develop product from its Torquay headquarters.