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ASB MAGAZINE: The story of women’s surfing is one of the most stoic in Australian sport, and for one special evening those who’ve paved the way and built an industry will be celebrated in a lavish gala dinner presented by the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation. Held on Saturday, October 28, the Celebration of Australian Women in Surf, with the support of NSW Office of Sport, will put the limelight on the sport’s instrumental figures. Invited guests include all 8 Aussie world Champions Phyllis O’Donnell, Wendy Botha, Pam Burridge, Pauline Menczer, Layne Beachley, Chelsea Georgeson, Steph Gilmore and Tyler Wright. Plus, great WSL tour competitors Sally Fitzgibbons, Laura Enever, Nikki Van Dijk, Keely Andrew, Bronte Macaulay and some of the best young talent coming through the waves. The night’s stories are synonymous with a number of sports, so it’s no surprise some of Australia’s greatest female athletes will be in attendance to show their support including Allana Ferguson (Rugby League) and Anna Flanagan (Hockey).

“Women’s sport is the fastest growing area of many codes but more needs to be done, including cultivating participation at a grass roots level,” said Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres.

“Only one third of girls aged between five and eight years of age participate in organised sport outside of school hours and the participation rate for young adolescent girls is eight per cent less than the overall state average.

“I commend the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation on this initiative to promote women in sport and getting kids active.”

All proceeds from the event go towards The Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation which aims to educate and inspire our next generation of kids to live healthy and active lives and combat the global child obesity epidemic.

“I can’t just sit by and watch the next generation lose out on following their dreams just because they were never taught the basic benefits of healthy eating and being active,” Sally Fitzgibbons said. “If, together, we can all make a difference to just one child, imagine how great their future will be.”

Join the glitz and glamour, walk the blue carpet and rub shoulders with some of Australia’s greatest professional athletes. Corporate Packages are available, as well as a limited number of tickets for the general public. Tickets can be purchased through the for $300.00 and include a 3-course meal, beverages and live entertainment.

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