ASB MAGAZINE: Some exciting team news at FCS to kick off 2018 with Mason Ho joining the FCS Global Team. Mason epitomises the surfing lifestyle, and his freakish ability and innovative approach to surfing is revered by everyone. For these reasons and more, we’re pumped to align him with the FCS brand.

Over the past few years Mason’s travelled the world riding and documenting not only the world’s best waves, but some untapped novelty waves that nobody had thought ridable before. It’s this output of unique content that’s seen his edits among the most watched in the industry.

“I’m such a big fan of Mason for so many reasons, and I’m proud to have him in the team mix. His talent on a board is one thing, but his zest for life is infectious and he has so much respect and knowledge of surfing’s history. Deep down I think we’re all a little envious of his life” said SHI’s Sports Marketing & Brand Ambassador, Richie Lovett

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