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ASB MAGAZINE:  Sunshine Coast (QLD) based Campbell Designs haveIntroduced Exo Flex Technology a  new direction applying mechanical principles to the control and distribution of longitudinal flex in all surf and paddle craft. The brainchild of former pro surfer, veteran board builder Stuart Campbell, Exo Flex Technology’s patented  construction method fuses cutting edge multihull yacht tech with lightweight surf construction to provide unparalleled responsiveness, speed and versatility.

“The first ever use of a mechanical spring to efficiently generate and utilise kinetic energy” opens up endless possibilities for the upper edge of top level surfing. Not solely applicable to the high performance end Exo Flex Technology’s unique ability for almost infinite tuning is also beneficial for the everyday punter. This ability for flexural customisation allows the craft to be dialled in to suit rider specifics be it weight, ability, style or preferred surf conditions.

Comparability with EPS and P/U blanks as well as a huge variety of resins and reinforcing materials both synthetic and eco friendly, infinite tunability, lightweight construction, responsiveness, lively performance, sizzling acceleration and suitability for all riders and surfcraft makes Exo Flex Technology, the future, today……

Instagram: @campbelldesigned @exoflextech