We did a quick check in on the #TopNineShots for @Quiksilver between August and September. Quiksilver posted 116 pieces of content in the period, which grabbed them 2.7million likes. Out of the Top Nine most are very surf centric, there was two – skate park drone shot, and groms on the beach – that weren’t. So, it makes it easy to see what works best for Quiksilver.

Breaking down the Top Nine;

Photo 1 – 46k

Photo 2 – 42.5k

Photo 3 – 41k

Photo 4 – 38k

Photo 5 – 38k

Photo 6 – 37k

Photo 7 – 37k

Photo 8 – 35k

Photo 9 – 34k


The question that you might ask, seeing Quiksilver are a ‘board riding’ company, where are the snow/skate shots? They are there, if you look you’ll see them but the feed for the most part is peppered heavily with surf and surf lifestyle shots. Although, they dropped a wild snow shot during this period that will most likely be top 9 for them, go have a peek cause I love it.

Engagement is high on the account, there’s lots of double taps and lots of comments – I did the math using a little formula I like to use and Quiksilver’s engagement rate is running at around (I sampled the top nine) 3.95%, which on industry averages is pretty good. A lot of that is credited towards the video of Kanoa Igarashi surfing in the @kswaveco, post that went nuts with 256k views, 43k likes and 443 comments!

Hurley are up next 🙂  @lincolneather