ASB MAGAZINE: Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes reported that former model and alleged Roxy founder Jill Dodd was once one of the world’s richest man’s so-called ‘pleasure wives’. In a tell all book ‘The Currency of Love: A Courageous Journey to Finding the Love Within’ author Jill Dodd alleges that in addition to her former life in a harem that in 1989 she “founded the surfing and snowboarding inspired clothing line Roxy and became a successful business owner.”

Dodd’s claims have been syndicated by the mainstream press around the world. ASB reached out to Boardriders Inc. to respond to Dodd’s claims that she founded the Roxy brand and a spokesperson for Boardriders Inc. head office said

“Bob McKnight and other executives started the Roxy concept in 1989. After that initial development, Jill Dodd worked for the Company as a designer for Roxy, focusing on swimwear,” the statement read.

Dodd revealed to Channel Nine’s Peter Stefanovic more about her life in a harem where she was once married to billionaire Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi in a tell all interview that aired on free to air TV on Sunday night in Australia.


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