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Words Lincoln Eather

Another year has gone by, which means another deep dive into the brand and athletes social media performances on our media meter.  Since the top guys haven’t moved much, I’ve instead approached things via categories to see who’s leading in each one. Keep in mind, this is Instagram only, because you don’t check Twitter and Facebook is well, Facebook.


  • Surfwear – Quiksilver at 1.7million followers (then Hurley at 1.5)
  • Surfboards – Channel Islands at 241k (then JS Industries at 111k)
  • Watches – Nixon at 625k
  • Surf Accessories – FCS at 329k (then Da Kine at 111k)
  • Footwear – HUF at 1.1mil (then Globe at 140k)
  • Sunglasses – Spy at 167k (then Electric at 115k)


For me, the most interesting category right now is surfboards. We need to dig a bit deeper to see who’s getting better cut thru with engagement, follower growth and associated insights, but what we can tell you is Channel Islands is well out in front at 241k followers. Then there’s a clump with JS, DHD, Firewire, Hayden all hovering around 100k or so. They’re all different enough with the approach to content with some running really polished and informative feeds, others seem to run what’s in front of them at the time and some are sticking to clear brand strategy.


Overall, you’re getting surfboard models with information, footage of team guys riding waves and bits ‘n pieces of other stuff. What else jumped out?


  • JS has the most polished looking feed with nothing but nice action shots (of top team riders) or surfboards with information. Really nice.
  • Firewire have a wide range of content on their feed – consumers, fans, team – and is also is a little more ‘in the moment’ and raw.


These are just a few insights I’ve been able to tease out, between a bit of ‘look, see, feel’ and a lot of data.

In other news, did you see Instagram just announced that you can now schedule your posts? So long as you’re running a business account and are working with one of their partners (Hootsuite, Sprout, etc.). That caveat aside, this is a nice move forward for Social Media Managers the world over. No more Sunday morning posts! If you’re in with Hootsuite the functionality is already available and we’ve been told others will be following very shortly.


Given that Instagram isn’t so Instant anymore, and that Snapchat (as well as Instagram) have done away with 24hr limits on stories we’re starting to see Instagram moving more towards allowing businesses to better prepare and plan their content out. You can see from stats over the last three years that in-feed engagement has decreased while all our attention is seemingly focused on stories. Down with one, up with the other – in other words, your feed is polished and looking amazing while your stories can be the here and now angle.


That’s it for 2017 results, next issue, we’re back with a fresh start and a more refined social media meter analysis.