ASB MAGAZINE: Byron Bay based Thrills has released its latest campaign, Arcadia, showcasing their collection alongside the rich hues and deep textures of the Australian landscape. The collection focuses on unique fabrications, compelling silhouettes, and 90s-inspired prints, all with a strong attention to detail.


Reinforcing the brands long-term ambitions to be using sustainable fabrics across all categories by the end of 2022, the latest collection also features high-quality fabrics such as Recycled Nylon, Recycled Polyester, Hemp and Organic Cotton to reduce the company’s footprint on the planet.


Thrills  denim is made using 100% Certified Organic Cotton, harvested from an organic farm that minimises the impact on the environment by avoiding fertilisers and pesticides. While it comes at an extra cost, it’s an investment the company is willing to make due to the massive environmental and human advantages.

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