ASB MAGAZINE: Superbrand announced a new licensing partnership with Global Surf Industries (GSI). As per the agreement, GSI will manufacture and distribute Superbrand epoxy surfboard models featuring SUPERflex technology. The three models are the Unit, Vapors, and Fling with delivery scheduled for early January 2018. The SUPERflex technology was developed by Superbrand and creates flex and strength throughout the board. It features a stringer-less EPS core, woven Carbon aka “Vector Net,” and three types of fiberglass (6oz e-glass, 5oz bi-axial, and 4oz e-glass). The result is a consistent feel from tip to tail and allows the board to flex naturally with the contours of the wave creating extra speed out of turns.

“The partnership with GSI is a step forward on the evolution of our surfboard business, and one that provides retailers with better margins and surfers all over the world with easier access to our boards. I’m very impressed with their global operations, people and vision, making this partnership a great match that will enhance our board offering and bring new fans to the brand,” says Superbrand CEO Marcelo Bengoechea.

“GSI is very proud of the addition of Superbrand to our brand portfolio. We’re very strategic about our offerings and Superbrand fits nicely into the performance end of our range. Their branding is deliberate and evolving into a demand-creating machine. At GSI we enjoy doing business with people and companies we like and everyone at Superbrand has been great to deal with, they understand our business well and we feel that it will be a case of one plus one equals infinity,” says Global Surf Industries CEO Mark Kelly.



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