ASB MAGAZINE: Creatures of Leisure announced that six-time WSL world champion and long-term team rider Stephanie Gilmore has resigned with parent company Leisure Collective for another three years. “I’ve been with Creatures of Leisure for most of my career,” says Gilmore, “… and all these years later I’m still as happy about it as I was when I first signed. As a grom you always want to ride for a brand that has the cream of the crop on the team, and so I’ve always loved being alongside guys I consider idols, from Mick Fanning, to free surfers like Jay Davies and Mitch Coleborn.” Whether winning multiple world titles or working on award winning film projects like last year’s ‘The Tempest’, travel is a constant in Gilmore’s life, and Creatures of Leisure are proud to have Gilmore on board to road test the range.“Having top quality accessories is really important. As the products keep getting better it means I can travel the world without worrying about my equipment getting damaged, which has no doubt been a big part of my success. I’ve had an incredible relationship with Creatures of Leisure throughout my career, and I’m looking to many more successful adventures in the years ahead!” Creatures of Leisure are thrilled to continue their partnership with Gilmore, and will release a new signature tail pad in surf stores in the coming months.VIA PRESS RELEASE


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