ASB MAGAZINE: With Firewire’s goal to create zero waste in its factory by 2020, the company has taken a major step forward announcing the inclusion of Rerez in a limited number of Timbertek surfboards that will arrive at surf shops soon in Australia, before anywhere else in the world.  Rerez is a recyclable epoxy resin that has a number of important properties in that it’s recyclable and will eliminate waste in Firewire factories by preventing squeegees and stir sticks from ending up in the trash. Firewire says it will bring its surfboard production closer to a ‘cradle to cradle’ solution.

Any fiberglass, carbon or EPS product made with Rerez epoxy can be submerged into a concentrated vinegar solution that dissolves the Rerez epoxy into liquid and separates it from the fiberglass, carbon or EPS product it was laminated to.  The dissolved Remez epoxy can then be turned into new products using injection moulding, including products like sunglass frames or surfboard fins. Using Remez means Firewire surfboards built with the product are now partially recyclable. And the tools used to make surfboards with Remez in its factory now have a longer lifespan. The company says it intends to expand its use of Remez epoxy into their LFT and Helium surfboards in the coming months. All boards made with Remez will show the Remez lamination seen above the fin box on each board.