⚡️PROFESSIONAL EDITION⚡️BOARDRIDERS🇦🇺 – THE FIRST THREE MONTHS. Exclusive Interview with Dave Tanner and Greg Healy.



ASBMAG recently caught up with Boardriders Inc. CEO Dave Tanner and Global President Greg Healy.  It has been  three months since the deal was finalised in late April with Boardriders Group Australia announcing last week that its headquarters will move from Torquay to Burleigh, ending months of speculation in the media and uncertainty amongst employees.


Questions we covered include operational efficiencies of combining the twin powerhouses of Quiksilver and Billabong under one roof. We asked about the leadership group and the skill set they each bring to the new entity. We asked if  former Billabong CEO's Neil Fiske's much lauded '7 Point Turnaround Strategy' had failed and what (if any) steps would be taken to dismantle the strategy. We also spoke about the notion of Boardriders turning their mindset from  defense into offence by aquiring its nearest rival Billabong. We also asked about the legacy of  departed Boardriders CEO Pierre Agnes and whether  that ‘galvanized’ the groups commitment to seeing the acquisition go through.  This article is for our PROFESSIONAL EDTION subscribers only.




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