ASB MAGAZINE: Brand Base Australia (Mizu – Caterpy – Lasso) have appointed Cactus Agency as its sports agency. Cactus Agency has an extensive network and experience in the sales of consumer brands which created a perfect fit for these brands in the sports market.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have Bruce Southgate, Ben Marsden and Brad Southgate as part of the team and  looking forward to working with them long into the future,” said Brand Base’s Thomas Edgar and Richie Heenan via a joint statement.


“We are excited to announce that Cactus Agency will be representing the brands across Victoria. This exclusive agreement allows Mizu – Caterpy – Lasso to expand its presence within the region with exceptional service from such a high caliber agency,” continued Edgar & Heenan.

Commenting on the new partnership, Brand Base’s Thomas Edgar and Richie Heenan said;

“We are very excited to partner with Cactus Agencies. We are looking forward to the future partnership and the ethos Cactus Agencies resonates with our personal values. We’re thrilled to begin the expansion of Mizu – Caterpy – Lasso within the sports market”


About Mizu: Founded, owned and operated by outdoor athletes and adventurers, Mizu makes premium reusable products that last a lifetime. Mizu not only sees the importance of reducing single-use waste on a global level and is a member of 1% for the Planet organization, directing its donations to nonprofits that protect the places where we play. Mizu products are currently sold in 27 countries, Mizu continues to expand its message of protecting the places we play across the globe.


Innovation is critical to push the boundaries and improve. Lasso creates and innovate to improve movement. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to utilize their body to its fullest potential. Our mission is to lift people up and make them a better version of themselves. We do this because we feel it’s the only way to live. This is why every Lasso product provides customers the gift of confidence. We care about building a real connection with our community. Real recognizes real. As active community participants, we firmly believe that a product that promotes healthy movement should make you feel healthier.


Caterpy strives to solve all shoelace issues through innovative elastic bump technology that holds customized tension between all eyelets. These issues range from inflexibility of tension throughout the shoe, to lack of adaptivity for different foot shapes, to simply the inconvenience of tying and re-tying laces. Caterpy is the only no tie shoelace approved by sports medicine doctors and podiatrists. Geared for performance.


About Brand Base Pty Ltd:  Brand Base is an Australian based brand distribution company located in Torquay VIC servicing the South Pacific region. Brand Base specializes in technical and patented product spanning categories including, mainstream sports, lifestyle and fashion products. Brand Base fulfills and imports brand wholesaling and operates as the official Australia distributor for international brands.