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ASB MAGAZINE: A large fire broke out at the Pukas Surfboard factory near San Sebastian in the Basque Country last month. Fire fighters battled the fire and managed to extinguish the blaze. No Pukas staff were reported to be injured. One of the last to leave the burning factory was Californian shaper Chris Christenson. “I had just laid the last shape of my day down upstairs at the Pukas Surf factory in Spain and heard fire alarms through the loud noises of operating shaping machines, various stereos,” Christenson said via social media.

“I only had seconds to navigate out of the largest surfboard factory in Europe. Flames were running along the walls and floors rapidly igniting everything in their path, as I was one of the last to get out. It was a miracle that all 30+ of us made it out of the factory just before 100% of the building was engulfed in flames.

“It took 25 minutes before the first fire crew arrived. All we could do is watch this fire from a distance take the whole factory down along with surrounding buildings. It was so sad to see the tears of the owners and staff who have put 40+ years of their heart and souls into this business.

“Fire is no joke, and I encourage everyone to take all fire preventions and drills seriously at your home, work place, and places of leisure. This was just my 3rd trip to work here and I already considered Pukas Surf family and amongst the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. The Pukas Surf crew is tough as nails and they’ll be back in the line-up soon, stronger than ever… Life is precious, and business is just only business.” The cause of the fire is as yet unknown. The Basque Country has recently experienced a heatwave with temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius.

“Good news is everyone is safe. The fire might have taken a big part of our work and hearts, but we are standing still and willing to grow. Pukas is surf and we will surf,” said Pukas Surf via Instagram.


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