ASB MAGAZINE:  The team at SurfAid believe everyone, everywhere deserves a fair shot in accessing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. In partnership with the Indonesian government, SurfAid set sail to run walk-in vaccination clinics inseven isolated communities across the remote islands of Nias and Telo. 

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact across Indonesia. Since the crisis began 4.3 million Indonesians havetested positive for the virus, 143,000 have died and eight million people have fallen back into poverty as aresult of the pandemic. 

26 per cent of Indonesians are currently fully vaccinated. While urban areas like Jakarta are now seeingincreased access and supply of vaccines, rural and remote areas are disproportionately impacted and laggingbehind. As the world starts to reopen to surf tourism, it’s only fair that the locals in the places we love to surf haveaccess to a free COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves from the virus. 

To address this disparity SurfAid supported the local governments to administer 1,550 doses of the Modernaand Sinovac vaccine to people in remote communities on a week-long expedition onboard the SumatranSurfariis surf charter boat, the Mahogany. 

SurfAid draws on our extensive experience in supporting communities during times of crisis in the region. Fordecades SurfAid has provided emergency response throughout west Sumatra including the 2004 Boxing Daytsunami, and the 2010 Mentawai Islands tsunami. SurfAid has also maintained a strong commitment toimproving healthcare access in the region over the past 21 years, from combating malaria to addressingnutrition and improving sanitation.

“We believe that a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine should be available to everyone, regardless of whereyou live. We are proud to work alongside the surf charter industry to support the local governments in Nias andthe Telo islands to provide vaccination to the local communities. The sooner our communities are vaccinated, the sooner we can welcome back visitors to our world-class waves.” says Dr Endah Setyaningsih, Deputy Director ofPrograms, SurfAid Indonesia.

SurfAid’s Fair Shot expedition isn’t over. The team are headed out again shortly with the crew from theMahogany to bring a second vaccine to the people of Nias and Telo. For just $15 SurfAid can provide accessto a COVID-19 vaccine for a person in the heartlands of surfing. 


About SurfAid 

SurfAid is a humanitarian organisation whose aim is to improve the lives of women and children in remote areasconnected to us through surfing. Started by a group of concerned surfers in 2000 who were struck by theneedless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai Islands, SurfAid works hand-in-hand with thecommunities of Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Baja Sur, Mexico to bring about sustainable health changewhile respecting the unique culture and customs of these islands communities. For over 21 year’s SurfAid’sMother and Child Health Programs have been saving lives by ensuring remote communities have access to cleanwater and sanitation, basic healthcare, and improved nutrition. 

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