ASB MAGAZINE: The World Surf League (WSL)  launched the We Are One Ocean content series featuring prominent surfers, scientists and environmentalists from around the world sharing why the ocean is so important to them and their reason for signing the We Are One Ocean petition at

The content series is part of the WSL’s recently announced We Are One Ocean campaign calling for the protection of 30% of our one ocean by 2030, or 30×30, and explores our deep connection to the ocean and the many reasons we should take action to protect it.

The series features Irish surfer and marine social scientist Dr. Easkey Brittonwho shares her love and gratitude for the ocean and her passion for conserving it. The series continues with films following WSL Champion Italo Ferreira, marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, pro surfers Mikey February and Sophia Medina, and surfer, chemist, and journalist Dr. Cliff Kapono.

For Ferreira, Brazilian Olympic qualifier, being raised beside the sea has shaped his entire world, giving him the chance to fall in love with the sport that changed his life and pursue his passion.

Johnson describes her relationship with the ocean, how crucial it is to our future and her work to advocate for it. She shares that if we raise our collective voices and hold our leaders accountable, 30×30 is a meaningful solution to the climate crisis, and that if we succeed we will get to watch the ocean rebound in the most magical way.

February relates how the ocean impacts his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa and how the many cultures who live there rely on the ocean. On a personal level, the ocean has given February a place for self-expression and the platform on which to pursue his career. February believes everyone should play their part and preserve the ocean for all that it gives us.

Medina is the younger sister of 2X WSL Champion Gabriel Medina, and her connection to the ocean began with her very first steps into its waters. The young Brazilian hopes to preserve it so future generations of young people can discover the same connection she has.

Hawaiian Kapono reflects on his relationship with the ocean and how much it means to him in the hopes that his story will inspire others to sign the petition. Kapono’s love for the ocean drives him to do all that he can to protect it.

In celebration of We Are One Ocean the WSL is calling on people around the world to sign the petition at and share a message of love for the ocean over the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend. To raise awareness for the petition WSL will be hosting a series of virtual experiences designed to connect people with their love for the ocean and inspire them to take action to protect it.

The We Are One Ocean campaign is supported by Shiseido, Gillette Venus as part of their ongoing commitment to using fewer resources by 2030, and the all-new Jeep 4xe hybrid electric vehicle.