ASB MAGAZINE: Through the frame of recent events – from Equinor’s pull-out to rampant seismic testing and exploration of other regions – Never Town is both a celebration of what can be achieved by an impassioned collective, yet a call to remain steadfast in the ongoing fight. Join Patagonia Australia  tonight at 8pm AEDT for a special online screening of ‘Never Town’Tonight’s screening is also a call to arms to celebrate the big victories and the small ones. Where there’s hope, there’s a way and as a community we will find a way to celebrate again.


Keeping in line with the #stayhomeforthis vibe, Patagonia Global Sports Activist Dave Rastovich and renowned surf journalist Sean Doherty are set to host a Facebook screening, responding to your questions and comments as the film rolls.


Never Town unravels as part surf film, part conservation film, journeying along wild coastlines and giving voice to the people fighting to keep them wild. Shot across the southern fringe of Australia, it’s an exploration of what these places mean to surfers, and what surfers are willing to do to save them. 


Tonight’s screening is also a timely reminder that we will visit those special places, as soon as it’s safe to do so.


Spanning the dusty edge of South Australia to the deep forests of Victoria and Tasmania, Never Town features the surfing of Dave Rastovich alongside Dan Ross, Belinda Baggs and Heath Joske. Yet the conversations with coastal activists, standing up against deepwater oil drilling and industrial fish farms, are as front-and-centre as the unforgettable waves.

Directed, edited and filmed by Andrew Buckey, the film is set to the distinctly Australian soundtrack, including the likes of Midnight Oil, Yirrnga Yunupingu, Ziggy Alberts and Bad Dreems. Never Town runs 39 minutes. In this new interactive format, it’s just the mid-week distraction you’re after.