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It’s no doubt been a tough week for one of Coolangata’s favourite sons, Noa Deane. In the week following the passing of his legendary and Hall of Fame father Wayne Deane, Volcom have just dropped Noa’s latest edit ‘Head Noise.’  According to the presser… Demystifying the noise within his own head and destroying the noise of the stereotype which surrounds him. Noa Deane is a freakish aerialist, but he also charges tubes of consequence. He is one of the most innovative surfers in the world today, but he is also steeped in a deep respect for his heritage. Noa has been characterized as a punk kid, but he is thoughtful and down to earth. Noa’s life might look like an easy dream ride, but he has demons to slay.

This movie is a direct reflection of Noa Deane. It’s a candid look at one of surfing’s most exciting characters through high-action, heavy-charging, avant-garde surfing for the new age, documented through the lens of filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu.

Head Noise is also now playing at    @ilovetables #HeadNoise :@__Wash__ : @Mallmic #TrueToThis

Head Noise Soundtrack:


  • Dinosaur Jr. – “Raisans”
  • Al Lover – “Partial Paradigm”
  • The LINE – “System Deceptive”
  • The LINE – “Happy Hangover”
  • Wash – “Pipe Bomb”
  • Blistar – “123_1”