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ASB MAGAZINE:  Four days. That’s all it took to fill URNBSURF’s slice of paradise in Tullamarine. The fill started late on a Friday evening, after the dedicated work crew spent weeks testing, inspecting and cleaning the massive, 22,000 square metre Wavegarden Cove lagoon. Staff cheered on as the valves were cracked and the first water entered the lagoon.  It’s been a long time coming…

“But by mid-Saturday morning, the channel was already full, and water was spilling over the bank edge of the Reefs (our advanced waves) and into the Peaks (our intermediate waves).”

URBNSURF’s  development and facilities teams worked around the clock, monitoring the flow rate of the water, checking essential equipment, moving hoses and keeping the lagoon in a pristine state.


The rapid changes in weather, water depth and winds led to some key insights. The team quickly learned which winds would create offshore conditions, and just how bright it will be to surf at night under lights. Most days ended in dramatic sunsets and late afternoon glass-offs, giving  a taste of what after-work sessions will be like this Summer.