ASB MAGAZINE: Byron Bay clothing brand THRILLS has teamed up with iconic photographer, Jim Saah on a commemorative capsule dedicated to the burgeoning punk and hardcore scene of the early 80s.  Comprised of eight high-quality t-shirts, the capsule features a number of Saah’s most notorious imagery of bands such as Black Flag, Minor Threat, Minute Men and The Cramps. Steeped in Washington D.C.’s Punk and Hardcore scene of the 1980s, Saah’s work documents key moments of adolescent release, vein-bulging intensity and sweaty communion between band and audience.

Fuelled by the DIY nature of the movement, Saah explained his work was inspired by the explosive energy of the punk community.

“When I saw the early wave of hardcore bands in DC recording their own records, making their own art, and distributing their own records, I was inspired by their DIY attitude and it’s what gave me the license to follow my dreams,” he said.

Speaking of his experience photographing the DC punk scene during the height of the punk movement, Saah describes “it was an intense physical experience. The whole crowd and the band were like this one thing… some kind of dance that I really felt a part of. It was my effort to try and capture that energy and emotion on film.”

“It’s almost my duty to keep this spirit alive and encourage young people to follow their interests and do what they want and not wait for other people to tell them it’s okay.”

In line with the brand’s passion for punk music, THRILLS Men’s Designer, Steve Fontes said the collaboration is their most exciting to date as the era has become a pivotal part of their identity.

“Our collaboration with Jim was born from mutual respect and admiration for the punk bands who have paved the way for present-day music,” he said.

“Jim’s passion for photography and punk rock music resulted in some of the most iconic imagery of the bands and personalities that shaped one of the most influential movements in music history.”

“It’s such an honour for us to showcase them and give them back to those who share our passion for the scene.”

The THRILLS and Jim Saah collaboration will be available for purchase online at