ASB MAGAZINE:  Adapting to the changing lifestyles of COVID-19, iconic Byron Bay clothing brand THRILLS has just released their new collection which features a number of comfortable loungewear pieces alongside refined vintage-inspired styles they’re known and loved for; all with sustainability front-of-mind.

Their latest collection, including a solid line-up of comfortable and versatile loungewear styles and accessories alongside their cult-favourite classics, is dedicated to those whose routines have been affected by the pandemic while also having a strong focus on sustainability.

With COVID-19 restrictions causing many to work and stay at home, THRILLS Co-Owner and Designer Tabitha McGregor explained the local Byron Bay company decided to expand their regular production to accommodate fans’ needs.

“We can all admit it’s been a strange time and, with business changing every day, it’s compelled our team to think outside the box and focus on what’s important,” she explained.

“Our fans, friends and family were telling us firsthand how COVID-19 had caused a shift in their lifestyle, with many working from home and spending more time at home, and we knew we had to pivot to help where we could.”

“Creating a sense of home in the midst of chaos, our design team worked hard and fast to create a number of unisex loungewear styles for a streamlined sense of comfort and utility, and we’re so proud of the outcome.”

Reinforcing their long-term ambitions to be using all sustainable fabrics by 2022, THRILLS Design Manager Mike Fishwick explained that “…the new collection features a plethora of high-quality fabrics such as Recycled Nylon, Hemp and Organic Cotton, along with newly added Recycled Polyester, to reduce their footprint on the planet”.

“Our newest and most exciting women’s swim fabric is made using Recycled Polyester which uses waste plastic bottles, reduced back to usable PET chips, and also the recycling of old fabric and garments,” Fishwick said. “The fibre is normally derived from fossil fuels and is a big reduction in both pollution and use of natural resources.”

“Sustainability isn’t just a hollow tagline for us and, even during these times of health and economic crisis, it’s about recognising our responsibility and taking substantial actions to reduce the negative impacts on our planet.”

THRILLS’ new collection launches online HERE


Originally founded in 2011 as a vintage motorcycle import and customisation business in Byron Bay, Australia, THRILLS has since evolved into a culture-defining fashion label fuelled by a passion for music, art, and a sustainable future. With Brooke and Tabitha McGregor at the wheel as the company founders and men’s and women’s designers respectively, THRILLS offers carefully curated, high-quality garments and vintage-inspired pieces. Our aesthetic is one that’s timeless, progressive and shaped by authenticity.