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ASB MAGAZINE: After more than 14 years at their Baines Crescent address, leading eyewear manufacturer Dragon Alliance has moved its South Pacific operation to a new premise located in the recently established Surf Coast Business Park. The brand new facilities will service as the centre for key sales, marketing and overall brand management operations. Signing a long-term lease, the move demonstrates Dragon’s commitment and investment to Torquay and the Surf Coast community.


“After significant planning to ensure our brand’s heritage was represented in the new office fit-out, we are super excited about the new space,” said Mark Hudson, Director for Dragon South Pacific.


“It rewards our dedicated employees with a dynamic and progressive space, as well as integrating creative zones within the office design. Torquay and the Surf Coast continues to be the perfect fit for Dragon with its proximity to the ocean, active outdoor community and the presence of many of our peer brands.”
The new office will also facilitate key account showings, retail training sessions, and both local and industry events. Dragon’s new office is located at Unit 3, 12 Castles Drive in Torquay, Victoria.


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