Check out the always stylish Ray Gleave together with Jared Mell, Bryce Young, Kassia Meador, Al Knost and friends mixed to some sweet soul music by The Boss – James Brown (💿 Black Caesar – 1973). Wrapping up everything that was the 2018 McTavish Trim event, filled with a stoked out and smile laden lineup from across the globe.

2018 McTavish Trim Lineup:
Victoria Vergara
Jared Mell
Brett Caller
Bryce Young
Christian ‘Wispy’ Barker
Ari Browne
Borrabora Hwang
Laure Myr
Thomas Bexon
Josh Hall
Ivy Thomas
Ray Gleave
Roisin Carolan
Hannah Magnall
Maddie Gross
Lola Mignot
Kassia Meador
Alex Knost

Cinematography & Edit – Nathan Oldfield (
Water Cinematography – Andrew Gough’s (
Additional Cameras – Darius Devas & Ben Allen
Titles – Matt Ireland