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ASB MAGAZINE: Surfing Victoria have launched a new online surf coaching website Surf Better Now is designed to provide technical and mental solutions to accelerate the development of all surfers, with a specific focus on developing both aspiring and recreational Victorian surfers to reach their full potential.


This website is designed to capture the knowledge and resources developed by the Surfing Victoria Coaching Team and deliver it in a clear and simple manner. Surfers who have been part of Surfing Victoria Performance Division include Nikki van Dijk, India Robinson, Xavier Huxtable, Joe Van Dijk, Codie Jeffery, Willis Droomer, Kobie Enright, Isabella Nichols and more.


The website is structured in tiers. With Levels 1-3 being free, all levels above that having a subscription fee. If you are in the top tier subscription (the Performance level) then you get exclusive access to webinars, discounted video analysis and some more features Surfing Victoria have planned over the coming 12 months.


Website subscriptions are now open for purchase with levels available based on the surfers skill level. The first 3 levels are free to the public with subscription tiers starting at $29 for Surfing Victoria members and $49 for non-members.

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