ASB MAGAZINE: The ASB Greater Good Award is Australian Surf Business Magazines major sponsorship with Surfing Australia and is given to the person or group who in the past year has given back to Australian surfing through extraordinary results in a charitable, humanitarian, environmental, or philanthropic cause.


Surfebruary was awarded the 2021 ASB ‘Greater Good Award’ presented in front of a packed 300 person QT Hotel Gold coast this week. The award was presented  by 1993 World Champion, 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee and ‘star’ of the ‘Girls Can’t Surf’ movie, Pauline Menzcer.  Surfebruary’s  Mike Durante, Ron Clarke and Jenna-Lea Clarke took center stage to receive the award from the ’93 World Champion. Surfebruary raises funds  for research into supportive care for cancer sufferers. The idea is simply genius; surf every day of the month, and gain sponsorship in the process.


Worthy finalists of the ASB Greater Good Award included Tahlia Anderson for  Surfing The Spectrum. Tahlia is a surfer, surf coach and co-founder of Surfing The Spectrum, a not-for-profit surf therapy program aimed at positively affecting the lives of children with Autism. Rounding out the top three finalists was Cooper Chapman’s ‘The Good Human Factory’  an organisation focused on improving the mental health and resilience of young people in particular.


Commenting on Surfebruary’s win  Jenna-Lea Clarke said; “We feel extremely proud of what our community has achieved! Being recognised by the surf industry is a humbling experience and also shows the belief that a grass roots initiative like SurFeb can take something we all love and use it for the greater good.”


“Over the past 4 years we’ve watched this event grow from strength to strength. We feel like we’re on the cusp of something magic and are stoked to continue to share the love of the ocean as wide as we can.”



2021, marks a 13- year partnership between Australian Surf Business Magazine and Surfing Australia. Past winners include Billabong x SurfAid Schools Program (2008), Coastalwatch (2009),David Rastovich/Surfers for Cetaceans (2010), Surf Aid (2011), Barton Lynch (2012), Misfit Aid (2013), National Surfing Reserves (2014),  Surfrider Foundation Australia (2015), Andrew McKinnon (2016), Walk for Waves (2017), Nev House (2018) Patagonia (2019) Fight For The Bight Alliance (2020).