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ASB MAGAZINE: SurfAid and needessentials have partnered to launch a not-for-profit surf wax. All profit from the sale of this wax will go directly to SurfAid to assist improving the health, well-being and self-reliance of remote communities in Indonesia.

‘SurfAid Australia is proud to be working with needessentials in producing a core surf product like wax. It provides a direct way for every surfer to be able to contribute to improving the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet. With all profits of the sale of the wax going directly to SurfAid and the programs we run in these remote communities, simply by purchasing this wax you are helping to make a huge difference in the health and well-being of these people’s lives.’ announced Doug Lees, CEO of SurfAid International.

This collaboration will mean that with every wax you buy, you’ll be helping SurfAid’s Mother & Child Health Programmes helping support clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare and improved nutrition in remote villages in Indonesia near iconic surf breaks.

Ryan Scanlon, needessentials founder said: ‘In 1994 at the ripe old age of 18 a mate and I took off on a journey of a lifetime to the Telo Islands in North Sumatra with the idea we could come across some of the best waves in the world. We camped on remote islands for months, surfed pristine waves and connected with remote communities. Reflecting back on that adventure and many others in Indonesia and Mexico since, I feel there is so much that the modern world can learn from indigenous cultures but there are also some basic needs we can help provide. I really admire Dr Dave Jenkins for founding SurfAid and guiding the team to where it is today. I believe he has set up an extremely beneficial way for surfers to help support communities in these remote regions that we love to visit by empowering them to take on the medical and social challenges they can face. SurfAid helps save lives. It empowers remote communities by working with locals to practice good medicine to bring about positive change for future generations. I believe one of the best ways a traveling surfer can thank the communities they visit in these wave rich areas is to contribute to SurfAid’s work by making a donation’.

‘At needessentials we value human connection and we value empathy. By donating all profit from the sale of this wax to SurfAid we believe we are giving surfers an easy way to contribute via an everyday consumable. The collaboration combines two basic needs, for surfers this is wax, for remote communities in Indonesia and Mexico this is shared knowledge to empower locals to help reduce human suffering and achieve great health in their villages. Basically we are trying to make it easier for surfers tohelp others by simply going surfing’.

We all love Indonesia and we all love to surf, so what better way to give back to those who most need it in Indo by buying your mate/family a couple of blocks of needessentials / SurfAid wax for Christmas?

Dr Dave, the founder of SurfAid, said: ‘If you are genuinely keen to help a community, find out their needs and partner with an established local organisation who may be able to help. Raise money for them. Stay focused on starting small, learning and empowering local people to help themselves. It is proven that by acting out an act of compassion you both consciously and subconsciously reflect on that and it changes your hormonal milieu, gives you a sense of satisfaction and purpose. No matter what you do in life, do some fundraising, connect with humanity, and make a change. It will change your biochemistry and you will attract better people in your life.’

needessentials / SurfAid wax $5.00 per block online at