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Photo SA RIPS Courtesy Great Australia Bight Alliance

“Revolutions start from the bottom” – Yvon Chouinard

ASBMAG has joined Patagonia Australia and a chorus of industry brands and retailers in opposing drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Patagonia, ASBMAG, The SBIA and thirty brands and retailers have expressed our genuine concerns directly to Statoil and together we have requested that Statoil abandon drilling in the Bight.


Commenting on the partnership, Dane O’Shanassy Country Director for Australia & New Zealand at Patagonia said  “It has been very encouraging to see many brands and retailers from all parts of the surf industry and across Australia unite for a common good. As we are all aware this endeavour exposes our pristine coastlines, unique marine life and our industry to an unacceptable risk,”


“This fight is not over and may be of interest to your customers, so we encourage you to continue in your support of this important issue,” said Matt Martin National Sales Manager at Patagonia.


“It’s unimaginable that an oil spill in the Great Australian Bight might wash up on the SurfCoast. Yet an oil spill covering Bells is exactly what the independent research shows may happen if Statoil get there way. This isn’t the Mexican Gulf on TV. This is our backyard and we urge all industry to get behind this campaign.” Said Keith Curtain, Publisher at Australian Surf Business Magaazine



Last Wednesday Patagonia sent an email to Statoil’s Australian Country Manager and also their CEO formally opposing drilling in the Bight. The statement that was signed by 32 retailers and brands from the Australian and New Zealand surf industries, including the Australian Surf & Boardsports Industry Association (SBIA).


Read PATAGONIA’s  letter below and to get involved please visit