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ASB MAGAZINE: PeriscoPe e-Commerce, the specialist e-Commerce services agency founded in late 2017 by a group of Australia’s most experienced experts in the field, has been appointed to work with Stacey Surfboards & Manufacturing as they develop their online offering across their surfboard and apparel business.


The appointment comes after the successful launch of the Stacey MFG men’s apparel line in 2017, as well as securing distribution partners in the US to support their e-commerce offering in the region. Founder and head shaper Lee Stacey offered that “We screen the people that we work closely with pretty stringently. PeriscoPe are a great addition to the team we’re building globally, including the talent we have in the US.” That talent includes the veritable dream team of Paul Gomez (former Billabong senior and foundation member of the Hurley family) and Damon George (GM of Cycle Zombies), not to mention brand ambassador in the US, Scott Stopnik.

Stacey General Manager, Tim Hill pointed to PeriscoPe’s expertise in digital marketing and ecommerce as strengths that will help the expanding Stacey MFG business. “The team at PeriscoPe has supported us – albeit unofficially – through a really positive transitional period,” Hill said in a statement. “To solidify that arrangement as we continue to evolve our offering and enter new markets gives us even greater confidence in our approach, and leaning on PeriscoPe’s expertise in all things e-Commerce is invaluable, and far above and beyond the usual agency relationship.”


PeriscoPe will be assisting Stacey MFG across data & analytics, digital marketing and transition of e-Commerce platforms.


“We love working with brands like Stacey that have a strong sense of self, as well as great vision for where they want to go – really are the dream client. The boys at Stacey are open to trying new things, and we look forward to being a big part of that learning process with them,” said PeriscoPe Director, Nathan Crouch. “The company, brand and the people in there are all great strengths they already have – our job is to present those things to a new public in the best light, with an ROI focus.”


The Stacey MFG presence in both markets will be growing in coming months, along with their bricks-and-mortar retail visibility. The 2018 Stacey range of apparel includes boardshorts, denim, tees and accessories. Inspired by the garage aesthetic of the 1950’s and skate-influenced classic styles, the prints featured on much of the range are created by the same artists that design graphics for Stacey MFG Surfboards.

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