Mike Vavak

ASB MAGAZINE: Retailers and brands around the world are preparing to celebrate Surf Shop Day this May 15th, a day that celebrates independent retailers that have supported the growth of an industry and passing along the stoke to millions of consumers. To help celebrate Surf Shop Day this year, Slant Six, leading experts in helping retailers grow their private label brands are joining to support shops across the United States.


“Surf Shop Day is an opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and support the retailers who built our industry into what it is today.” Said Ryan O’Leary, Founder of Slant Six.


Loyalty to local shops runs deep with consumers and there’s no better way to recognize this deep connection between the shop, brands and consumers than by drawing attention to the retailers that have made the industry so exciting and vibrant.


This year, Slant Six will be offering a limited collection of shirts, towels, and straw hats for shops to use in building their private label collection and firing up the locals.


“I’m beyond stoked that Ryan and Slant Six stepped up to support surf shops in North America,” said Mike Vavak, Founder of Building the Revolution and Surf Shop Day. “Their surf shop only line will not only provide something special at surf shops but encourage shops to start looking at themselves as their own brand.”


Surf Shop Day, will celebrate the small mom and pop businesses that have given rise to a lifestyle and culture enjoyed by millions around the world and we invite surfers to reconnect with their roots.


Brands and Surf Shops all over the world are invited to be part of this celebration by signing up at this link: https://forms.gle/6xYZbsEDXVbv7wHV8


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