RVCA launched  spring-time, a group show curated by special edition artist Melissa Grisancich .

Featuring a collection of works from nineteen women artists, creating the works they are the most deeply driven to make in their chosen medium.

Works will consist of painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, needlecraft and print. Artists contributing range from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Japan And Denmark.

Grisancich wants to celebrate those who came before, and who will come after by bringing together a community of her own at the RVCA corner gallery for the first time.

Featuring works from Meredith Earls, Madeline Simm, Fiona Simmons, Hannah Nowlan, Nadia Hernandez, Luise Ono (Japan), Ellie King, Emma Wiesenekker, Beci Orpin, Susanna Rose Skyes, Lisa King, Elise Grace Wilken, Kitya Palaskas, Georgia Hill, Maddy Young, Sarah Gosling, Camilla Bromann (Denmark), Sarah Tohill & Melissa Grisancich.

Opening at the RVCA CORNER GALLERY on the 23rd of september, 6pm to 8pm and will remain on display until October 16th.

Event Photos: Michael Danischewski