Japan is one of our favourite destinations and last week RVCA celebrated the grand opening of its  RVCA Shibuya Flagship store in Tokyo, Japan. Friends, fans and RVCA advocates were in attendance, including legends Christian Fletcher, Alex Knost, Zak Noyle, Danny Fuller, Ford Archbold and Mark Oblow together with  RVCA’s Scotty Payne and Daniaal Trezise.

Mark Oblow christened the new store front window with his classic cat illustration while Danny Fuller and Zak Noyle collaborated together on a ‘Balance Of Opposites’ photo exhibition that was featured in the RVCA art gallery, located above the new retail space. Additionally, Tomorrow’s Tulips (Alex Knost and Ford Archbold) performed a live show for a select audience.

Check out the pics in FACES IN THE LINEUP next issue of ASBMAG

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