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ASB MAGAZINE:  Rusty today announced that Australian underground powerhouse Wade Carmichael is joining their team. According to Rusty’s Daniel Owens, the deal is for all surfboards, clothing and accessories (excluding wetsuits, traction etc). Wade paddled out this morning at the Pipe Masters as part of the R. family.


“Tough heat (and a couple of solid wipeouts) but fingers crossed he makes it through the elimations this afternoon. It’s been a bit of backwards and forwards but we had the opportunity to get him on board for either January or now – He’s such an incredibly powerful surfer we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have him flying the R. flag in Hawaii,” said Rusty’s Daniel Owens.


“He’s relatable and the kind of guy you want to surf with (and have beer with afterwards). For us he’s the modern version of the iconic Rusty animals – guys like Occy, Bainy in the 80’s and Powelly, Taylor Knox and Kalani Robb in the 90s, to Josh Kerr, Noa Deane and more in recent times.”


Rusty are delighted to add the Championship Tour surfer to their roster and can’t wait to see his huge turns supercharged further with their foam underfoot.


“I’m super psyched Wade is joining Rusty,” said legendary shaper Rusty Preisendorfer. “I love his style; all out power. I feel good things coming for Wade, and I can’t wait to start fine-tuning his boards!”


After a successful Australasian pro junior career Wade jumped on the Qualifying Series grind, and with minimal backing was forced to spend his summers lifeguarding to fund his Championship Tour dreams. Not afraid to put in hard work, Wade’s first major victory was at the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa in 2015, and he turned the confidence a Triple Crown win brings into finally graduating to the Dream Tour in 2018.


With new boards and a new wardrobe, the sky is the limit for Avoca’s favourite blue collar worker, and he knows it. “It’s insane to be part of an iconic brand! I remember when I was growing up in Avoca seeing Shane Powell on fluoro yellow boards, covered in flames with big R. logos, and thinking that was cool as hell. I was young but I’ve never forgotten it, and now to be a part of it is epic. Might have to order a couple like that actually!”


“Working with a legend like Rusty is really exciting, and to see the list of powermongers who’ve ridden his boards in the past – Occy, Taylor Knox, Powelly – is wild! I’ve only ever looked up to those guys, and now hopefully a few people out there might start looking up to me too.”


“The last few years I’ve had so many folks get behind me, I go to the pub for a beer and have crew coming up all night for a chat and I love it! I’ll always be an Aussie battler, and I think people appreciate that and are stoked for me. A few years ago, when I was lifeguarding, I told myself I wasn’t going any further backwards. Now, on tour, chasing the Top 10 and my first win, to have the support of a great sponsor is incredible, and gives me a lot of confidence to get out there and smash it!”