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 ASB MAGAZINE: The Indo surfing community has lost one of its finest — a humble, quiet achiever — a true gentleman of surfing: Peter Neely, surfer and author of the original surf travel bible “Indo Surf & Lingo.” Peter was one of the early surfers to call Bali home back in the late 70’s, drawn to Bali for the waves and the simple idyllic lifestyle Bali offered back then.

He had real authentic connections with many Balinese and Indonesian people. Many of those people he met back in the 1970’s remained friends until this day.

First travelling to Indonesia in 1975 and moving here in 1979 he had what the old timers call the “Good Old Days” — surfing uncrowded waves with the pioneers of Balinese surfing: Big Froggy RIP, Gede Narmada, Wayan “Billy” Badra RIP, Wayan Suwenda RIP, Ketut Kasih & Bobby Radiasa. He witnessed their joy at discovering surfing which was quite a turnaround from traditional centuries old Hindu beliefs which considered the ocean to be a sacred place where spirits lived.

He was also a judge at the early OM Bali Pro comps in 1980, 81, 82. Peter was a big part of the fabric that wove the history of Bali surfing. He will always be remembered, loved and respected throughout Bali & Indonesia.

Before mobile phones and wifi Peter’s well known book “Indo Surf and Lingo” gave information on tides, wind, swell directions, practical language, “how to get to” (without giving away ‘secret’ spots), and tips on culture so to not offend anyone, especially when travelling remotely.

Sincere condolences and much love to Peter’s dear wife, Lynn, for the loss of her beloved Peter.

Selamat Jalan Pak Peter, Surfing Selalu

Words via Jenny Midson via @balibelly Photo Tim Hain @ASC

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