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ASB MAGAZINE: Each year the Baptist World Aid Foundation research and publish a globally recognised Ethical Fashion Report. This report gives consumers the power to make informed and ethical choices in their fashion, which in turn encourages companies around the world to work in an ethical manner and protect their workers’ rights.

We are dedicated to improving across the board, strive to make positive change year-on-year and will continue to do so into the future.”Michael Daly, Rip Curl Group CEO

Rip Curl is pleased to announce a B+ score in the 2018 Ethical Fashion Report, which has improved from a C+ score in 2017. “We are delighted that the Baptist World Aid Foundation has scored us with a B+ in 2018, a considerable improvement from the previous year,” says Michael Daly, Rip Curl Group CEO. “We are dedicated to improving across the board, strive to make positive change year-on-year and will continue to do so into the future.”

In 2017 Rip Curl made a commitment to improving in their ethical policies and supply chain management, and has dedicated the time and resources necessary to do so.

Over the past 12 months we have:

  • Published our factory list on; including the name, address, number of employees and the product that is made there.
  • Published our global Environmental Policy on
  • Begun doing third party audits on our input suppliers, which are the suppliers for our first-tier factories (mentioned above).
  • Continued more in-depth tracing of our input suppliers and begun to look into raw material suppliers.
  • Continued looking into wages being paid to workers at our suppliers’ factories, compared to living wage methodology.
  • Been able to show audit reports that display improvements to wages and working hours Implemented more internal training to staff on Social and Environmental Compliance, informing them on the improvements and changes that have taken place over the last 12 months.

*Other surfwear brands by comparison include Billabong, RVCA, VZ, Element  with a C Rating, Tigerlily with a D Rating, Reef with a B Rating  and clear leader in this space Patagonia with A rating. (NB Quiksilver, Roxy and DC not rated)




The Ethical Fashion Guide is a companion to the 2018 Ethical Fashion Report. Use it to help you make everyday, ethical purchasing decisions. Take it with you when you shop and buy your clothes from the companies doing more to protect their workers. Vote with your wallet and encourage more companies to end exploitation in their supply chains.