Dane O’Shanassy, Country Director for Australia and NZ at Patagonia, announced the company’s entry into the food market in Australia with its ‘Patagonia Provisions’ brand. The debut line, available now on the company’s website, includes wild salmon, organic soups, trail mix bars and cereals. To provide a deeper understanding around Patagonia’s entry into the food market here, Patagonia will debut ‘Unbroken Ground’, a compelling Patagonia Provisions film directed by Chris Malloy, that explains the critical role food will play in the next frontier of their efforts to solve the environmental crisis.


This film explores four areas of agriculture that aim to change our relationship to the land and oceans. Most of our food is produced using methods that reduce biodiversity, decimate soil and contribute to climate change. Patagonia believe our food can and should be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis – grown, harvested and produced in ways that restore our land, water and wildlife. The film tells the story of four groups that are pioneers in the fields of regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development and restorative fishing.


“I am stoked to share that this week in Australia, we have officially launched Patagonia Provisions, Inc. Why would a clothing company decide to get into the food business?”

Dane O’Shanassy 

According to the company’s Founder Yvon Chouinard, “It only makes sense that we’d want to share some of our favorite food with our customers. But that’s just the beginning; we also believe there is great opportunity—and an urgent need—for positive change in the food industry. With Patagonia Provisions, our goals are the same as with everything we do: we aim to make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and perhaps most important, inspire solutions to the environmental crises.


“And nowhere is the crisis more pressing than in the food industry. Patagonia Provisions is about finding solutions to repair the chain.” said Yvon Chouinard.


Patagonia premiered Unbroken Ground screenings and Provisions products tastings around the country last month.