ASB MAGAZINE: Patagonia have partnered with a new podcast series, Watershed Chats, together with Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill. Watershed Chats are deep dives with experts and those having a go at building and dreaming new ways for a healthy and habitable future on our planet. Recorded during social distancing, these thought-provoking yet appealing conversations providing uplifting inspiration and tangible ideas. Four podcasts are now available to listen to – featuring 2040 filmmaker Damon Gameau, surf journalist Sean Doherty, Intersectional Environmentalism activist Leah Thomas, and micro-plastics researcher Alice Forrest.

The series takes its name from ‘watershed moments’ – a division or distinction between two phases. These moments can be turning points that define our shared history. And so, through these podcasts we’re asking a bunch of trailblazers: where to from here?


2040 filmmaker Damon Gameau explores the cultivation of critical thinking, harnessing hope by localising climate change action, and the transformative power of the experiential.

Patagonia’s Head of Brand Engagement Sean Doherty, a central voice in Australian activism and one of surfing’s most celebrated storytellers, reflects on what the Fight For The Bight has won, not only for Australian marine life, livelihoods, and coastlines, but also for the power of community to peacefully resist corporate insanity.

Leah Thomas is a US-based activist leading the Intersectional Environmentalism movement, advocating for the protection of people and the planet simultaneously. This chat examines the links between social justice and environmentalism.

A divemaster, wildlife guide, and marine biologist, Alice Forrest specialises in marine plastic pollution. Just back from an expedition to Antarctica, she shares her experience of the frozen ocean and talks us through the complex conversation, but simple solutions, found in her new publication, Micro Plastics, Massive Problem.

Patagonia Surf Ambassador Gerry Lopez also features in the most recent The Waterpeople Podcast. Listen to the ‘legend of style’ share stories about growing up in Hawaii, the balance he found in the mountains, and tube-riding mysticism.


Watershed Chats