ASB MAGAZINE:  2017 was a big year for activism at Patagonia. The company got the word out with signs and posts and videos. They flooded the inboxes and voicemails of elected officials at all levels of government.  They petitioned, boycotted and divested. According to CEO Rose Marcario, Patagonia doubled down on their commitment to the protection of wild places and climate action.

“We must keep fighting—whether we’re putting points on the board, or playing defense—against the endless forces willing to trade the long-term health of our planet for short-term profit. We must counter and overpower those forces with sustained, energetic and strategic activism.” Rose Marcario CEO Patagonia.

In celebration of those efforts, Patagonia have provided this short video (above), as well a 116 page Environmental & Social Initiatives booklet which can be downloaded HERE  .

This article first appeared on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Lines blog

#Environmental Initiatives