ASB MAGAZINE: Patagonia and Surfrider Foundation are hosting a protest paddle-out against Norwegian company Equinor who have formally released their draft environmental plan for deepwater oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight. Many surfers took to Social Media to voice their concern and have taken to beaches around the country in organised protest paddle-outs. The oil spill modelling shows oil on beaches between Margaret River in the west and Port Macquarie in the east.


The spills do not reach Burleigh Heads, but the issue is greater than the beaches affected, it’s a national fight to save wildlife, marine ecologies, local industries and communities that will be devastated by an oil spill of this magnitude. It would be a catastrophe on every level, this is why the local Patagonia team have banded together with locals to organise this paddle out on the Gold Coast.


What: Paddle out to Fight For The Bight

Location: Justins Park, Burleigh Beach

Date:  Sunday 17th March

Time: From 10 am


Equinor’s environment plan is before industry regulator NOPSEMA and is open to public comment, closing on March 20th. For More information & tips on commenting head to-